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  1. meaoooowwwwwww I noticed your cat-centric website and apps and I love it! My family (wife + cat) recently released our own celebration of cats, cat memes and cat culture – it’s a free mobile game called “Catastrophe” 🙂 Good for kids or cat lovers alike

  2. Regarding Pet Holidays:
    I purchased the images for the app over a year ago.
    I did an update on 12/24/14 and the images are no longer available to me.
    I need to purchase them again?


    1. Hello Gail,

      It may be necessary to Restore your purchase. Try these steps..

      1. Open the app and touch “Choose a Photo” and pick any photo.
      2. Touch Images
      3. Touch Restore

      This should do it. If it doesn’t, please email me at support at

      Thank you,

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