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Great photos get more animals adopted and this app makes creating great photos easy. You can also use it for fundraising.

We’ve raised $30 an hour and more for our local shelter by giving animals the “royal treatment” and we’ve done it over and over again! It’s like digital face painting. Here’s how to do it.

1) Find out when your local shelter is having a big event. Most have walks or other fundraisers where there are vendors. Get their number from their website and call them. Tell them you want to raise money for they by taking pictures of pets and then giving the animals the royal treatment. Explain what you would like to do and make sure that you are low maintenance. Show up on time, set up where they ask you to, be cheerful, respectful and have fun, then give them the money. Every shelter we have contacted has been thrilled to have us there because we are there for them.
2) Get things ready the night before so you are not rushed in the morning. Here is a checklist of items you’ll need:

Pet Royals Fundraising Table
This is how we set up our table.
  • Promotional cards to hand out (the size of business cards)
  • Posters to put around your own table, on lunch tables and on registration tables. Put them wherever you can to raise interest. (Click here to download one you can fill in and post)
  • Clipboard with printout of client list. This list has the pet owner’s name, email, a description of the pet and the photo and can ask for email sign up for the shelter. Also, be sure to ask if you can put the pictures on Facebook. Most people are thrilled to have their pet featured on Facebook. (Click here to download pdf version of the form).
  • Donations Jar, bucket or box.  Put a sign on it asking for donations. Make it big and make it colorful.  We use a 1 gallon glass jar and “seed” it with a $5 bill (or $10 if you are in an affluent area). (Click here to download a banner)
  • Scissors, tape, duct tape and pens are always good to have on hand. We invariably need them for something!
  • Table and table cloth for your set up.  Consider having a few “before” and “after” pictures of animals you have given the royal treatment printed out and on the table. If you are doing this on a regular basis, it helps to get them laminated.
  • An iPad.  Our three person crew brings two, in case there is a problem with the first or if batteries run out in a long event.
  • Squeaky toy to get the pet’s attention.

3) Arriving at the event.

  • Introduce yourself to the event coordinator
  • Ask where to set up your table.
  • Ask where you are allowed to put posters and put those up.

4)  Raising money

  • Introduce yourself to the other vendors (briefly as they are setting up also) and let them know what you are doing. Many will send people your way.
  • Assign job focuses to your team members.  We work with three people.
  1. One person will be working the crowd, complimenting dogs and their owners, making small talk and letting people know that you would “love to give your dog the royal treatment for a donation to the shelter.”
  2. Person number two actually takes the pictures, decorates them with the app and then emails them to the recipient.

    Taking Photo with iPad and Pet Royals
    Have fun using the app in exchange for donations.
  3. Person number three assists at the table. This person is SUPER important! They are the one who stands behind the photographer to get the dog’s attention for the photo, and they make sure that everything is filled out on the client form so that you have backup emails in case you do not have wifii access at the event.

Go! Have fun and raise lots of money for your shelter! Yay, you!!

5)  After the event

  • Check your sent mail on your iPad to make sure all the pictures were sent to the donors.
  • Post photos on your Facebook page and also on the shelter page.

Email us and let us know how it went! We would love to hear from you!


  1. Take the original photo with your camera app.  This will automatically save the original image to your Camera Roll.  This let’s you take several photos of the pet and then pick the best one.
  2. Put the Pet Royals App next to your Camera App.
  3. If you have long hair make sure you tie it back. There is nothing worse than getting the perfect pet pic and then finding out your hair is in it.
  4. Post pictures to the shelter Facebook page and let us know so we can post them to the Cat Game Apps Facebook page. We will add your shelter to our “favorite” pages list.

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