Dwarf Me – Make Yourself into a Dwarf

Dwarf Me app iconDwarf Me can make you look like a dwarf of myth and legend. Make amazing profile photos and avatars.

Whether you are one of Snow White’s chosen ones or you come from middle-earth, more than 150 items let you create endless dwarf selves.

Items include wigs, beards, mustaches and more in black, white, red, brown, blonde and gray. Weapons, runes, gold, pipes and jewels of the earth make your images come alive.

The app is easy to use. Just take or choose a photo and then select items from the art folders. Change the position or size of the items with your fingers.

When the picture is ready, Dwarf Me makes it easy to save your picture to your mobile device, email it, or upload it to sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Upload your image to Shutterfly to make awesome invitations, cards and gifts.

Get Dwarf Me now and start making dwarf pictures right away.

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