Horndog FREE Version – Add Horns to Photos, Memes and Collages

Horndog App Icon w Free BannerWould you like to add horns to an image? Do you know a fan of the Colorado Buffaloes, Texas Longhorns or St. Louis Rams? Horndog makes it easy to add horns and a whole lot more to pictures and make horny photos.

Just take a photo or choose one from your camera roll and pick the horns you want to use. Position and size them using your fingers and then save, email or share the photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr.

Make great profile photos, game avatars, or there’s an upload to Shutterfly to make a gift card or gift for your lover.

Over 25 kinds of horns to choose from including –
– Longhorn Cattle
– Buffalo
– Big Horn Sheep
– Elk
– Deer
– Reindeer
– Gazelle
– Water Buffalo
– Flaming horns

There are accessories like –
– Bow ties
– Roses
– Beverages

and ready made banners like –
– Censored
– Thinking of you
– Coming soon
– What makes you think I’m horny?
– Still horny after all these years
– Horndog
– You wanna?
– I’m game, are you?

Add text to make memes or create special invitations.

Whether you just want to make a funny photo or you want to express your desire to someone else with a very creative invitation, get this app and start adding horns to photos today.

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